Regulations of the Holiday Resort MERKURY

I. General provisions

  1. Staying in the Resort means knowing and accepting the following Regulations.
  2. The stay of children and young people under 18 in the Resort is allowed only under the supervision of adults.
  3. People not accommodated in the Resort , and staying in it after hours. 22.00 to 06.00 are required to leave it. Otherwise, the payment for the stay will be charged in accordance with the price list.
  4. The Resort is prohibited to conduct any trade, gambling, promotional and advertising activities without the consent of the Manager.
  5. The Resort does not allow the organization of stag, hen and other mass meetings, without the consent of the management.

II. Accommodation rules

  1. Guests can use accommodation in the Resort: in rooms, houses, according to the price list and booking conditions.
  2. The hotel day lasts from 16.00 to hours 10.00 the next day.
  3. All persons entering the area of ​​the Resort in order to take advantage of accommodation are obliged to:
    1. making check in on the basis of a valid identity document,
    2. payment for the stay in the Resort according to the Price List,
    3. leaving a returnable deposit in the amount of PLN 500, which will be returned on the day of departure, after passing the room / house, provided that they comply with the regulations of stay, the fee can be abolished with the consent of the Manager,
    4. The manager of the Holiday Resort reserves the right to change the amount of the returnable deposit without giving a reason
  4. From 9.00 pm to 8.00 am The reception is closed. Arrivals / departures during these hours should be arranged individually with the Reception.
  5. We reserve the right to refuse accommodation to people:
    1. under the influence of alcohol or drugs,
    2. which behave aggressively, in a manner generally considered vulgar,
    3. which did not inform the management about the organization of organized events
    4. people who do not comply with the regulations of the center.
  6. When the keys are taken over to the room, the registered guest becomes the person who is materially responsible for the objects put into use.
  7. The loss of the key by the Guest results in getting it at his own cost or paying a fee of 200 PLN by the Guest
  8. Please take special care to close windows and doors when leaving the room / house.
  9. In rooms / houses, it is prohibited in particular to:

                   – smoking tobacco or e-cigarettes,

                   – carrying out items that are its equipment from the house

                   – leaving live electrical wires and equipment unattended.

  1. On campsites, guests can use the following free of charge:

water intake,


trash bins,

toilets: toilets, sinks, hot and cold water, shower

  1. In particular, it is prohibited to:

digging ditches and pits,

destroying vegetation, cutting shrubs and trees,

destruction of equipment and devices made available to Guests for use.

III. Order regulations

  1. Being in the Center obliges you to behave in a way that does not threaten the safety of: your own, other Resort, and the property of the Resort.
  2. Please keep quiet during the hours from 22.00 to 07.00 in the morning.
  3. Persons disturbing peace and order in the Center can be removed without the right to any compensation.
  4. We light a bonfire only in a designated place. Waste left after grilling should be filled with water and placed in the place indicated by the staff of the Resort.
  5. A first aid kit is located at the Reception.
  6. Damage caused by the guest’s fault is settled on the spot. If it is not possible to determine the cost of the repair at the time when the damage occurs, it is permissible to assess the damage within 7 days. In this case, a damage report should be drawn up.
  7. For breaking the ban on cigarettes in the room, the guest will be charged PLN 500 added to the final invoice. The amount is intended for cleaning the room.
  8. We are asking for taking care of cleanliness and order in the Resort. We provide cleaning products on request. Possible persistent dirt or defects should be reported on a regular basis to the staff of the Resort.
  9. In order to clean the hotel room, please send information on the room handle. Pendants can be found in rooms or in annexes.
  10.  The resort is not responsible for items left or lost by the Guests in the Resort.

IV. Vehicle parking rules

1. Parking only on designated parking spaces (places marked with pavement or parking light) for this purpose. It is forbidden to enter the resort’s green areas. The prohibited areas for parking are marked with red cobblestones.
2. Parking in the Resort is an unguarded car park.
3. The resort is not responsible for abandoned vehicles or the property they contain.

V. Rules for the stay of animals

  1. We allow pet animals to stay in our Center except for animals, aggressive, sick, poisonous.
  2. Animal owners are obliged to:

payment for the stay of animals in the Resort in accordance with the Price List,

having a current vaccination book of an anima,

provide your pet with the necessary materials for the bed,,

cleaning up waste after it,

– always have a dog in a muzzle and on a leash.

  1. Pets are strictly forbidden in the playground, cafeteria, canteens and toilets.

4. Please be advised that there is a ban on bringing animals to the beach, these rules are set out by the Municipal Office of Trzebiatów.

VI. Final Provisions

  1. Guests using the Resort’s services undertake not only to comply with the provisions of these Regulations, but also the health and safety regulations, as well as the management and service instructions of the Resort.
  2.  All possible complaints about improper services should be reported directly to the Center Manager. Complaints made after the end of the service may not be considered.
  3. Regulations come into force on 26/04/2017.