Wellness and SPA


A stay at the seaside is a time of relaxation and regeneration of vitality. So let’s take advantage of the offer of our wellness center. You will find there many treatments that will ensure rest, relaxation and tranquility. Massage, different types of baths, mud wraps is what you need to get back from vacation or rested weekend.

Offered treatments are selected individually by qualified staff of physiotherapists and physiotherapists.

For the whole stay, a treatment plan is prepared, so as to allow not only the use of other attractions but also the charms of rest on the beach.

Below is a list of treatments offered. It is possible to take advantage of promotional packages that are very cheap.


Classic / Relaxation massage – 15min – 40 zł
Classic / Relaxation massage* – 30min – 60 zł*
Classic / Relaxation massage* – 60min – 110zł*
Lymphatic drainage– 15min – 40 zł
Kinesiotaping* – 15 zł*
Hydromassage – 15min – 35 zł
Peat bath – 15min – 40 zł
Collagen bath – 15min – 40 zł
Mud compresses -15min – 20 zł
Magnetronik – 15min – 15zł
Cryotherapy – 3-4min – 20zł
Diadynamik – 10min – 15zł
Interference currents– 10min – 15 zł
Kotz currents– 10min – 15zł
Electroplating – 15min – 15 zł
Solux lamp-15min – 15 zł
Saline inhalation – 10min – 15 zł
  Whirlpool of upper / lower limbs – 15 min – 20 zł

Price list valid from 01/12/2020